Vendor member, Easy Storage Solutions, is our guest blogger for the month of April. Alyssa Browning from Easy Storage Solutions wrote the following article on technology.

How Technology is Changing the Self Storage Industry

Technology is changing the way we do business across the board, but how exactly is technology changing the way we do business in the self storage industry? Online advancements in management software, call management, cloud access control and other services are helping the self storage industry grow and become more automated. So, the question remains how are these advancements changing the way you run your business? 

Good management software is making an impact in the self storage industry by allowing you to approve move ins and move outs, manage payments, manage your website, set late/lien rules and even integrate with your gate software which you can access from virtually anywhere via a computer, laptop, or smartphone. These are just some of the many features that web based management software can offer, but what about a website? 

What would management software really be without an awesome website? Websites can dramatically change the game for your business because they allow tenants to rent units, setup recurring billing, and sign lease agreements online. What could be better than an awesome website? An awesome website that is mobile friendly! This means that you and your tenants can access your website from a smartphone or tablet making it easier than ever to get your tenants setup. All of these features mean that you can spend less time and money working for your business and more time letting your business work for you. 

Speaking of spending less time in the office, advancements in phone systems provide facility owners around the globe an excellent call management solution. Even when out of the office, they won’t miss a single call! Call management services work by forwarding your phone calls to a call center where someone (preferably someone educated in your management software & website) can answer the call and help your customer. Talk about automation! 

Finally, how about your gate? Can you open it remotely? Can you make changes in real time? Recently, software and hardware have been developed that allow you to make real-time changes to your customer codes, gate hours and more. You can even open your gate remotely from your phone with web-based gate software. 

These changes in technology are creating a booming industry for self storage that offers you the ability to manage your business from virtually anywhere and allowing you more freedom and flexibility to do the things you love!