The Risks of Cyber Liability in the Self Storage Industry

by Scott Zucker, posted on Self Storage Association’s website – click link to read article

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Inside Self Storage 2018 Best of Business Reader Poll Announced…

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SSA Announces Hiring of Erin King, Former California SSA Executive Director & Shurgard Executive

July 19, 2018

SSA Contact: Tom Comi

Director of Communications

Phone: 703-575-8000 x124

SSA Announces Hiring of Erin King, Former California SSA Executive Director & Shurgard Executive

The Self Storage Association (SSA) announced today that it will welcome Erin L. King as its director of education & events beginning August 1st. In her role, King will open and maintain the national SSA’s first California office, offering support for the Association’s thousands of members on the West Coast. Most recently, Erin served the California Self Storage Association and had previously held management positions with Shurgard Self Storage in the Pacific Northwest.

“For more than a decade Erin’s tremendous work has led to the success of the California Self Storage Association, one of the largest state associations in the country,” said SSA President & CEO Tim Dietz. “Erin’s creative, diplomatic style and institutional knowledge brings a refreshing sense of inclusion to the self storage community. Our staff and board are excited to bring her talents to the members of the national Self Storage Association and our affiliates.”

In her new position, Erin will manage several state associations administered by the national Association and will offer programming support for SSA’s national conferences. She will also lead activities for the SSA Foundation, the Association’s 501(c)(3), which houses the organization’s education, communications and philanthropic elements, including its successful industry scholarship program.

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Top 5 Essential SiteLink myHub Features and the Positive Impact on Your Business

For immediate release: Top 5 Essential SiteLink myHub Features and the Positive Impact on Your Business, from Site Link.


An electronic version of the article can be found on the SiteLink website:

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Vendor Blog: SIMI – Storage Investment Management, INC.






Vendor member, Storage Investment Management, INC., is our guest blogger for the month of May.

Professional Self Storage Management and Consulting

A question we are often asked is – How much does it cost?  I realize this is a valid concern for owners but the real question should be – What will you do better for me than I can do myself?  The answer I will give is to provide focus, eliminate headaches, and improve income.  “Well I can do that all myself”.  True but owners typically have other business or personal interests that prevent them from spending 100% of their time focused on their storage business.  We live and breathe storage all day every day.

Additionally I have broad and deep experience in all types of markets and properties.  After managing some 300 properties over my career there are few problems or concerns I have not successfully overcome.  That wealth of experience is a resource that is included when my company works for you. 

Back to the original question, maybe a better response would be – How much is doing it yourself costing you?  Please don’t take that statement as arrogant because it’s not intended to be.  Each time we assume management of an existing, operating property we have achieved excellent increased income.  In most cases within the first eight months new income exceeds our monthly fee.  By the end of our first year we typically see Net Operating Income (NOI) increase in a range of 15-30%.  NOI is income less operating expenses including property taxes but before paying the mortgage. 

Not quite ready to turn over your investment to others?  No worries, we custom design our management plan based on the needs of the property and preferences of the owner.  You are never forced to accept a cookie cutter system.  Some owners prefer to be hands off receiving reports and profit distributions while others are more comfortable with some form of closer involvement.  We’ll work together the way you prefer.

We also provide consulting services for all stages of ownership.  Everything from development which includes such things as evaluating proposed locations, assisting with site layout and unit mix, financial proformas, etc.    For existing properties we are often called on to evaluate their current performance and identify areas for improvement. We take that a step further by creating a step by step plan to achieve those improvements and can provide guidance as they are implemented. 

Another type of consulting we are sometimes engaged for is exit strategy planning and preparation.  This can involve such things as suggesting value if the owner is considering a sale or refinance, and often a review of the physical asset to recommend improvements that should be undertaken prior to listing the property for sale.  Many times owners will have us manage the property to boost the NOI thus increasing the value for a sale or refinance.

Here are a few actual case study results:

Property A – a conversion property. The owner who did not have any storage experience did a nice job converting the property for storage. After five years of operations he called us to say he just broke even and wanted to make this investment profitable.  SIMI assumed management within a few weeks and found his manager was dishonest as well as absentee much of the time.  After replacing the manager and implementing our systems we ended the first full year with an increase of 36% to NOI and year two with a 32% increase.  The story continues the same way with the average annual increase to NOI of 12-14%.  Seven years later the property was sold for 200% of the original investment!

Property B – a suburban single story traditional drive up type property.  The owner developed the property.  A family member was the manager.  We were called because the owner had attempted to sell and had no takers because the property did not appear viable.  Realizing his occupancy and income were rapidly declining and delinquency was growing exponentially he needed help to turn the business around.  We replaced the manager, implemented our programs and promptly eliminated virtually all delinquency while rentals spiked allowing us to raise rates and implement rent increases to customers.  This assignment was intended to be two years to resurrect this property in order to be sold.  After 13 months we had doubled the NOI and cleaned up the property which was under contract to be sold within two weeks of listing it.

Property C – an urban conversion property with virtually no visibility.  The owner converted a portion of the property to self-storage and had been open a year.  We were called because they had only achieved occupancy of 20% or 20 of 100 units.  Again delinquency was high and the manager was inexperienced as was the owner.  Marketing would be critical for a property with zero visibility to make people aware they existed.  The marketing that was in place was poor and inaccurate including a wrong phone number.  After assuming management, developing and implementing a new marketing plan we achieved occupancy of 90% within six months. The owner promptly asked us to oversee expansion of storage units to 350.  A year later we have achieved 70% occupancy or 245 of 350 units.  Income has increased 300% in that time. 

How can we help you?  Let’s talk about it.  Call us today for a FREE consultation.


Storage Investment Management, Inc. (SIMI) is an exclusive self storage management and consulting company operating across the Northeast. 


Charlie Fritts



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Vendor Blog: Easy Storage Solutions

Vendor member, Easy Storage Solutions, is our guest blogger for the month of April. Alyssa Browning from Easy Storage Solutions wrote the following article on technology.

How Technology is Changing the Self Storage Industry

Technology is changing the way we do business across the board, but how exactly is technology changing the way we do business in the self storage industry? Online advancements in management software, call management, cloud access control and other services are helping the self storage industry grow and become more automated. So, the question remains how are these advancements changing the way you run your business? 

Good management software is making an impact in the self storage industry by allowing you to approve move ins and move outs, manage payments, manage your website, set late/lien rules and even integrate with your gate software which you can access from virtually anywhere via a computer, laptop, or smartphone. These are just some of the many features that web based management software can offer, but what about a website? 

What would management software really be without an awesome website? Websites can dramatically change the game for your business because they allow tenants to rent units, setup recurring billing, and sign lease agreements online. What could be better than an awesome website? An awesome website that is mobile friendly! This means that you and your tenants can access your website from a smartphone or tablet making it easier than ever to get your tenants setup. All of these features mean that you can spend less time and money working for your business and more time letting your business work for you. 

Speaking of spending less time in the office, advancements in phone systems provide facility owners around the globe an excellent call management solution. Even when out of the office, they won’t miss a single call! Call management services work by forwarding your phone calls to a call center where someone (preferably someone educated in your management software & website) can answer the call and help your customer. Talk about automation! 

Finally, how about your gate? Can you open it remotely? Can you make changes in real time? Recently, software and hardware have been developed that allow you to make real-time changes to your customer codes, gate hours and more. You can even open your gate remotely from your phone with web-based gate software. 

These changes in technology are creating a booming industry for self storage that offers you the ability to manage your business from virtually anywhere and allowing you more freedom and flexibility to do the things you love!

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SpareFoot Acquires SiteLink

SpareFoot Acquires SiteLink to Drive Innovation for the Self-Storage Industry

Austin, Texas — March 29, 2018 — SpareFoot, the world’s largest online self-storage
marketplace, has agreed to acquire SiteLink, a leading provider of cloud-based software
solutions for the self-storage industry. The deal will bring together two dynamic companies and
allow the combined business to accelerate investment, drive innovation and generate value for
both consumers and facility operators in the $38 billion self-storage industry.

To read entire press release, click here.

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