The new New Hampshire Rental Agreement is here!

As a member of the New Hampshire Self Storage Association, one of your benefits is access to and use of a modern, professionally prepared Rental Agreement. The New Hampshire Self Storage Association Board hired Jeffrey Greenberger, Attorney at Law and self storage legal expert to author the lease. The Board firmly recommends that you customize the agreement with a qualified attorney before using it. As with any template, it is not specific to your operations and may assume you offer services or options that you do or do not offer. Customization with any Attorney is necessary to formalize this Rental Agreement for your use.

As a member, the NHSSA has negotiated an additional benefit for you, which is customization and completion of the Rental Agreement by Jeffrey Greenberger at a special reduced rate.

As stated, this document is a template and, in most instances, there will be changes and additions you will want to make to the Rental Agreement to make the lease specific to your Facility or Facilities. This includes changes such as rules for payments, vehicle storage, outdoor vehicle storage, temperature control, and ancillary services. Your Board has negotiated a special deal with Jeffrey Greenberger to use the New Hampshire Self Storage Association Rental Agreement as a “base” agreement and consult with you to make updates, modifications, and additions to the Rental Agreement, add any necessary addendums that would be useful for your specific Facility, and review the changes with you for the flat fee of $900. To create a Rental Agreement from scratch and customize it with Jeffrey Greenberger would normally run approximately $3,000.

Thus, between the Membership Benefit Template Lease and Jeff’s services, you are receiving a $3,000 value for $900.

In addition to the base agreement, we have negotiated with Attorney Greenberger to provide additional legal documents, including a Vehicle Storage addendum, a Temperature Control Addendum, a Change of Address form, and a Vacate Notice form to assist you in your operations.

We do require that before accessing these documents, you sign the following release online. Once signed you will be re-directed to a page where you can download a zip file with all documents included. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please email us at NHSSA@NHSSA.net.

We have worked hard to achieve this milestone and bring you valuable documents to assist you in advancing and protecting your business. We sincerely hope they serve you well.