New Hampshire's new tenant insurance law took effect on January 1, 2022. Once the operator is granted a limited-lines license, employees can sell insurance for tenant-stored belongings valued at up to $10,000 once they have received approved training from their insurer. For policies above the $10,000 limit, the operator's insurance program administrator will need to place the policy.

Of course, there are disclosures that must be made to customers. In writing, the operator must summarize the terms of the policy, including, "the identity of the insurer, premium amount, benefits, exclusions, and conditions." The operator must also disclose that the insurance they are selling may be duplicated in the customer's existing policy (homeowner's, residential renter's, vehicle, watercraft, etc.). If insurance is required to rent a unit at the facility, the customer must also be given written notice that they can opt out of purchasing a policy through the facility if they can provide proof of other applicable insurance.

Facility owners can apply for a limited-lines license online at The license must be renewed every two years. For more information about the new Self Service Storage Insurance License, you can read the final version of the Bill here. We encourage you to reach out to your tenant insurance program contact or management company if you have more questions about your facility's ability to sell tenant insurance. Of course, you can also always reach out to us for any questions!