The New Hampshire Self Storage Association, or NHSSA, is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals and businesspeople who have an interest in the self storage industry in the state of New Hampshire. Founded in 1998 by a group of New Hampshire-based owners and operators, they realized that by organizing and uniting their efforts, they could make a difference in the future of our state’s storage industry. Our membership includes owners, operators, vendors, developers, investors, property managers, and suppliers of products and services that are used in self storage. After all this time, NHSSA remains to be a resource and a legislative force for our members.

The mission of the New Hampshire Self Storage Association (NHSSA) is to strengthen the self storage industry in New Hampshire, promoting professional standards and quality, and by presenting a unified voice on issues affecting the industry in the State and in its communities.

Membership with NHSSA is aimed at helping self storage facilities establish, grow, and thrive their businesses. Aside from surrounding yourself with people in the same industry who can offer support and advice, we offer an attorney-generated lease agreement to our members at no additional cost, a growing online member resource library, live events for education and networking, a digital subscription to MiniCo’s MiniStorage Messenger, an online marketplace, lobbying efforts, an indirect membership with the National SSA, scholarship opportunities, and more.

Joining online is the easiest way to sign up with NHSSA. You can also call (603) 255-7055 or email us for assistance. Membership is $125 per year for facilities and $200 per year for vendor members.

You can check our Events page for information on our upcoming educational programs. Traditionally we host a small spring educational session, a fall vendor spotlight, and a Christmas party in December.

The online membership directory is public for everyone. An Excel membership mailing list is made available to members only. We do not provide member information to nonmembers or for those members who choose to keep their information private. If you would like to receive a copy of this list, the first step is to join NHSSA.

NHSSA does not provide legal advice. However, the Self Storage Association provides SSA members exclusive access to the legal hotline services of the Self Storage Legal Network (SSLN). The SSLN is available only to SSA members and is one of the best sources available for obtaining industry related legal information. Attorneys D. Carlos Kaslow and Scott Zucker, whose combined experience in the self storage industry exceeds 50 years, operate the SSLN. For more information visit www.selfstoragelaw.com.

The SSA is a national trade association that covers self storage issues on a national level. NHSSA provides a more local, grassroots focus and answers the needs and trends of conducting business in the state of New Hampshire. Many of the issues facing self storage owners and operators are local in nature.

NHSSA has a wonderful working relationship with SSA and offers affiliate membership with them as part of our membership.

If you have yet to join the New Hampshire Self Storage Association, we recommend you start there! You can then attend educational sessions, networking events, and access our online resources that address issues within your state’s self storage industry.

Second, you can contact NHSSA at (603) 255-7055 or one of the NHSSA Board Members and ask what other opportunities are available. We have board nominations at the end of every calendar year and always welcome new volunteers.

NHSSA does not provide legal advice, however our members who are also affiliate members of the national SSA are encouraged to join the Self Storage Legal Network (SSLN). The SSLN is a convenient way to have legal questions answered accurately and quickly by attorneys with substantial experience in the self storage industry. For an annual subscription fee, there is no limit to how many times you may contact the SSLN for legal information. To sign up for this program, please contact the SSA at (703) 575-8000.

Our members can access state-specific timelines and updated information regarding lien laws under our member resource page (must be logged in to view). Remember, this is informational only and any questions regarding lien laws should be directed to your attorney.

NHSSA offers an attorney-generated lease agreement updated to correspond with our newest 2019 lien law. Thanks to attorney Jeffrey Greenberger, we are able to offer this agreement to our members for free along with a highly discounted rate to modify your lease directly with Jeff. More information about this can be found on the official lease page when you are downloading the document. Once members acknowledge and sign the agreement, they receive a download of the Standardized Rental Agreement in a Word document. The lease cannot be shared with facilities or businesses outside of your own and can no longer be used if membership expires.

If you are a member and would like to access the lease agreement, simply login to the site, go to the Resources and Links page, and click on the red rental agreement request form button. Once you fill out your information and electronically sign, you will be able to download the lease.

Mini storage is another name for self storage, which refers to a lockable unit in which customers store their goods. Self storage allows customers who are relocating, selling a home, or simply looking for more space for their possessions or a place to store their items. Businesses frequently use self storage to store inventory or paperwork, rather than having to lease additional expensive commercial space. Unlike portable or door-to-door storage, self storage facilities allow customers to retain a key to the unit and code to entry gates so that they are not forced to make appointments to access their goods.

To find a NHSSA facility member, please go to the Member Directory page. You can also search keywords, such as the city in which you are looking for storage.

NHSSA generally does not get involved in matters concerning individual facility disputes and complaints. We encourage you to first take up the matter with the owner or management company that operates the facility where you are storing your belongings, and then seek legal assistance if necessary to resolve the issue.