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We would like to tell you about ourselves by answering a few simple questions:

WHO: We are a group of New Hampshire Self Storage owners and operators just like yourself.

WHEN: In 1998, we realized that by organizing and uniting our efforts, we could make a difference in our future and impact most any issue.

WHAT: Our objectives are as follows:

  • To provide leadership and open lines of communication on issues that affect the self storage industry in our state
  • To define and assert standards of excellence in the self storage industry in the State of New Hampshire
  • To provide opportunities for members to increase their knowledge of the industry through research, discussion and the exchange of information
  • To do any and all things that are appropriate to further these purposes






    WHY: Should you be a member? It is vital to your business to have an entity in place to represent your views and the views of the industry in the case of adverse legislative activity.

    Also, membership provides you the opportunity to network with your peers and colleagues at informal grassroots meetings and periodic membership meetings.

    Please click on the link to download a membership application: NHSSA Membership Application


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